Technische Universiteit Delft

Trudy van der Wees werkt regelmatig voor de Technische Universiteit Delft. Ze leverde o.a.tekstuele bijdragen aan een aantal BE-basic jaarverslagen, ze verzorgde Engelstalige interviews met wetenschappers in het kader van het congres Self Healing Materials. In 2007/2008 verzorgde ze ad interim de eindredactie van het universiteitsblad Delta. In juni 2017 verscheen Het groene laboratorium. Honderd jaar Botanische Tuin TU Delft en The green laboratory. One hundred years at the Botanic Garden TU Delft. 


I would like to express my enthousiasm about the novel book of Trudy van der Wees with the title The Green Laboratory. This is an outstanding work of research and collection of documents of the history of the Delft University Botanic Garden. Some of the gained historic contributions are based on novel observations and gained by an indept study of archives, like the newspaper article about Queen Wilhelmina, to trace the actual date of the start of the Culture Garden in Delft, the precursor of the Botanic Garden TU Delft. Also the information on the famous collection of Dirk Outgaerts Cluyt, who introduced the tulip bulbs among other bulbs in the Netherlands. Due to her findings we know that this fact doesn’t belong to Clusius as genereal mentioned so far. These two examples emphazise her great dedication to this book and her expertise. The Green Laboratory is as easy reading document full of general unknown aspects and history of Dutch early industrial development. A recommendation to all and with deep gratitude to the author, Trudy van der Wees.

Bob Ursem, Scientific director Botannic Garden Delft University of Technology